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Architectural Wire Mesh Patterns

Architectural wire meshes, for a broad range of applications, are woven to order in Stainless Steel, Phosphor Bronze and Copper. Galvanized steel mesh is available in a limited number of specifications. Openings, free space, weights etc can be tailored to individual project requirements.

Please note that the meshes shown only represent a selection of the many mesh types available. Some of the more popular specifications are illustrated below; click on these to view a 1:1 representation.

Pre-crimped Woven Meshes | Cable Mesh Patterns | Expanded Metal Patterns | Embossed and Perforated Metals | Welded Mesh Patterns | Spiral Metal Patterns | Rope Diamond Patterns | Wire Cloth Range | Wedge Wire Range | Non-metallic | Other

Pre-crimped Woven Meshes


Classic weave styles, woven in a range of densities, facilitating limitless aesthetics and functionality.

Brocklebank Pre-Crimped Range

Aesthetically pleasing self-supporting screening media with alternating surface textures.

Gladstone Pre-crimped Range

Aesthetically pleasing rigid architectural mesh range of patterns which mimic the appearance of the flexible cable mesh patterns.

View our full range of Gladstone Woven Wire Mesh (PDF)

Cable Mesh Patterns

Aesthetically pleasing range of patterns available in huge rolls to seamlessly clad large expanses in a single panel with minimal framing or supporting fabrications.

View our full range of Gladstone Woven Wire Mesh (PDF)

Expanded Metal Patterns

Various surface facets which maximise or minimise transparency dependent on orientation whilst maintaining an extremely high level of airflow

Expanded Metals for Sunscreening View our full range of Expanded Metals (PDF)
Expanded Metals for Airflow

Embossed and Perforated Metals

Robust, cost efective and easily fabricated. Possible to incorporate specific branding or imagery.

Welded Mesh Patterns

View our full range of Forth Welded Wire Mesh (PDF)

Spiral Mesh Patterns

Available in large rolls for cost-effective and expansive architectural cladding with minimal framing.

View our full range of Biscay Spiral Mesh Curtain (PDF)

View our full range of Coburg Spiral Wire Mesh (PDF)

Rope Diamond Patterns

Versatile coverage of large open areas for cost effective architectural security or bird screening with minimal framing.

Wire Cloth Range

Ornate, versatile and attractive patterns for textured screening or cladding.

Wedge Wire Range

View more information on Locker Wedge Wire (PDF)

Non-Metallic Tension Fabric

Available as meshes, fabrics or membranes in a wide range of colours. Typical materials include PTFE where a high fire resistance is required, and the more economical PVC-coated polyester which can be image-printed.


Architectural wire mesh is woven using rigid wire or a combination of rigid wire and braided wire cable where a more flexible mesh is required. The specifications are determined by varying the spacings between the wires or cables and through the use of different wire diameters.

Locker is a UK based supplier of architectural wire mesh products certified to BS EN ISO 9001:2008 and Achilles 'Building Confidence' Level 4.

With comprehensive in house 3D design facilities we are able to offer a complete package from development of the architectural wire mesh specification through design, fabrication, supply and installation of the finished screens.

We welcome the opportunity to work with architects and design engineers, to assist in developing applications for these exciting new materials. We are also able to recommend companies, with whom we have close working relationships and who can undertake installation.



Brocklebank Twin installation at Hornsey High Street, London

Brocklebank 10/10 installed at PC World

Coburg 12-12-12-12 installation at Sainsburys in Maidenhead

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